PFM Watchdog

The PFM Watchdog is our latest generation Pumps and Fans Monitor with Watchdog alarm, optional self exercising timer and peace of mind!

Many instruments these days do a lot, and as such are complicated. We took the view that Engineers need to know quickly if something is working, if it’s not working – exactly where to start looking and it needs to be intuitive.

The PFM Watchdog fulfills this requirement with a clever use of multicoloured LED status lamps.

At a glance, you can tell if you have a problem and exactly where it is.

It’s very difficult to interfere with the operation of the unit – it is designed to resist button twiddlers and the curious.

The PFM is capable of automated testing of the Pumps and Fans on a user definable schedule – with the use of the Cooler Fail alarm circuit, it will tell you remotely that there is an issue with the Cooler system so you can allocate personnel appropriately to resolve the issue